15 March 2013

DIY: Leather Clutch

Hi there!!
Today I'd like to show you how to make the easiest leather clutch ever! 
I love the ones you can fold over, so the only thing we need to do is to cut it double size to fold it in half. This is part of the design as the shape is really simple. With this tutorial, you can achieve very different designs changing the colours or materials.


  • A piece of leather: at least 40 cm x 60 cm . I used a metallic coated lamb leather (from an ethical supplier). 
  • A piece of fabric for the lining: same size. 
  • Fabric sheers
  • Tailor chalk to mark the fabric
  • Marker for the leather
  • Threads (same color as the materials). Strong, for the leather. 
  • A nice metallic colourful zip. 
  • Pattern Master or regular ruler. 
  • Interfacing. 
  • Sewing machine!! This is important :-)
    • Leather accessories for the sewing machine: teflon foot and leather needles. 


1. We need to draft 2 rectangles of 26 cm x 24 cm on the wrong side of the leather. Use pattern master or ruler and marker. The final clutch will be 26 cm wide x 12 cm long (once folded). Then add 1 cm seam allowance all the way around. 

2. Repeat the same step on the fabric for the lining. You can fold the fabric in half, draft one rectangle plus the seam allowance with the tailor chalk, pin it, and cut it double. 
Also, cut 2 pieces of interfacing at the same size. 

3. Then we are going to cut two little stripes of leather to decorate the zip puller. Cut 2 stripes 1cm wide and 25 cm long, approx. 

4. Put the both stripes together, fold them in half, and pass them through the puller hole.  
Then pass the tails through the loop and pull, doing a little knot.  

5. Press the interfacing together with the lining fabric with hot iron on the wrong side of both pieces. 

6. Switch your sewing machine on! 
Pin the two pieces of lining with the interfacing, and sew them together, 1cm from the edge, right side / right side. Leave the top side open. Start and finish sewing 1cm away from the top. 

7. With the help of the iron, press the top 1 cm seam allowance out, as shown in the image below: 

8. Place the two leather pieces together (right side with right side). 
At the top part of the pieces, pin the zip to the leather seam allowances (right side with right side) as shown below: 
(Ideally, you shouldn't pin leather, but I did it carefully on the seam allowances so it won't show).

9. Using the one sided foot, stitch the zip to  both sides of the leather. 
(Remember to use special leather needle for the sewing machine)

10. Once you finish with the zip, place the teflon foot to sew leather properly, and stitch the other 3 sides of the rectangles to close the clutch following the stitching line. 

11.  After we finish sewing the two parts of the clutch: the outer fabric and the lining, we need to cut the corners. This will help when we turn them inside out. 

12. If we have a label, with will hand stitch it to the lining.  

13. Now we have the two separated pieces: 

14. Introduce the lining piece inside the leather piece, pin it to the edge of the zip, and hand sew using 'invisible' stitch. 

We at Etrala London, always use funky prints for the linings!! :-) 

15. ET VOILÀ!!

This clutch is now available to shop online as part of the Autumn Winter 2013 collection!! 

Love, Maria. 
Creative Director
Etrala London